Oh lovely, it’s that time again…

Well hello there!  You may be wondering who I am?  Let’s just say I’m here to help during the stressful times of going to college, specifically the part that involves dishing out money.  What is Beardedbook.com you ask?  We are a college targeted website that allows students to sell, buy, and even trade items within their school.  All you have to do is sign up, which is free, and enjoy the benefits.  Have a used college book you want to sell to make quick cash? No problem!  What about a piece of dorm furniture you cant take home?  No problem, post and sell it!  Are you looking to get tutoring or someone to do…… ahem….. help you with your assignments…..?  No problem! There are many benefits to using Beardedbook, so stop overpaying for textbooks, throwing away perfectly good furniture, and make a quick $ in the process.

Oh yea! One more thing……there will be plenty more college advice to come, so make sure you check out what the book with the beard has to say!


The book you don’t want to sell,